Cottage Housing Inc.’s program participants need to do things for themselves, but they can’t do everything alone. You can help them create a brighter future. Involvement options begin by attending a community meeting at either site. Please contact Kiera O’Connor to schedule a visit.

Serna Village Community Meetings are every Wednesday at 10AM and 7PM

Quinn Cottages Community Meals/Meetings are every Thursday at 5PM

**Please note Cottage Housing is currently abiding by California’s COVID19 guidelines. Please contact Kiera O’Connor in advance to learn more about the adjustments that Quinn and Serna are making during these times to find out more updated information about volunteering.**


  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • In-kind Donation Coordinator
  • Board Committee Member
  • Adult & Youth Mentoring
  • After School Tutoring
  • Skills Development Workshop Facilitator
  • Recreation Activities Leader
  • Self-help Group Leader
  • Gardening, Games, and Crafts Coordinator

For more information, please contact:

Kiera O’Connor
Personal Development Coach
916.492.9065 x 8846
[email protected]

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